At Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA), we believe every kid deserves a Great Future, yet the American Dream is likely unattainable for the majority of America’s kids today. The fight against poverty, hunger and violence, continues to escalate, and nearly 50% of America’s millennials believe there is little hope for the future. (Harvard Institute of Politics, 2015). That’s why BGCA is compelled to step forward as a solution. Our mission is to help kids who need us most reach their full potential, but we can’t do it alone. We are calling on our 16 million alumni to join us as champions for America’s kids. Now is our time to stand boldly as the voice for America’s youth, opening more doors to hope and opportunity.

Who better to help than a Club alumni who has walked in their shoes and found a great future at a Boys & Girls Club?

Introducing: Boys & Girls Clubs’ Alumni & Friends Club 

Boys & Girls Clubs’ Alumni & Friends Club officially launched in September 2015. The Alumni & Friends Club represents a passionate group of people whose lives were changed – and sometimes saved – at Boys & Girls Clubs. Our vision is to create an army of advocates and supporters, millions of alumni strong who are engaged in giving back to America’s kids through advocacy, support or mentorship. Alumni represent BGCA’s largest affinity group; they uniquely, know what the Club means to the millions of youth we serve each year. Boys & Girls Clubs change kids’ lives. Clubs even save kids’ lives. That’s the power of the Club experience.

    • Over half of alumni said the Boys & Girls Club saved their life.
    • Nearly 70% of alumni said that the Boys & Girls Club was the ONLY place to go after school.
    • 88% said the Club was one of the best things available to kids in their community.
    • Over 80% would encourage a young person to join today.
    • 37% of alumni said that without the Club, they would not have gone to college.

Membership in the Alumni & Friends Club

The Boys & Girls Clubs’ Alumni & Friends Club represents a global community of supporters grounded in the same sense of pride, belonging, and Club experiences. Today, we are nearly 4,000 registered alumni strong, and we continue to call all alumni to join the Movement and “become a member for life.”

Membership in the Alumni & Friends Club provides the opportunity to:

  • Connect – Connect with your Club in your hometown or current neighborhood
  • Learn – Access mentors, jobs, internships and prominent speakers
  • Engage – Get involved in networking events, leadership or service opportunities
  • Give Back – Donate, advocate or mentor a young alumni

Join the Club! Visit today to register as a member of BGC’s Alumni Club! 

Each year, more than 45,000 graduating teens will become young alumni, leaving the familiarity of their Club to pursue their dreams in college or career. In late 2016, The Alumni & Friends Club will be positioned to offer mentoring, networking and support as each young alum creates a path towards adulthood.


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