Capitol Unit

1450 W. Capitol Street
Jackson, MS 39203

Administrative Office 8AM - 5PM


Capitol Hosts Sykes for Basketball Game

Sykes Unit visited the Capitol Unit for a game of basketball this week. Who won? It doesn’t matter. Sometimes a lesson in sportsmanship is what’s most important. Go BGCCM!

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Wild About the Arts!

Capitol Unit kids participate in Wild About the Arts, Art Explosion Camp held at Calvary Baptist Church and hosted by the Junior League of Jackson. The week-long camp included arts, karate, dance and devotionals. All the fun and work throughout the week culminated in a show presented by campers to parents on the final day of Art Explosion Camp. What an event! Great job campers! Our thanks go to the ladies of the Junior League of Jackson!

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Swings for Change

Youth from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Mississippi hit the courts at the Northeast Courthouse Tennis Center thanks to Jackson Prep 11th grade student Bray Koury. Bray, 16, who has played competitive tennis for nearly a decade, chose to participate in a Make A Difference program through the Global Leadership Institute at Prep. Bray chose to focus on her community and the children of the BGCCM.

“My goals in doing this,” explains Bray, “are first to give the children an opportunity to get out and be active. My second goal is to feed them healthy snacks to stress health and fitness because obesity is spreading over the United States. I believe that children are the ones who really need to be taught healthy living, because they are the new generation. My third goal is that I want to make the public aware of the needs of the Boys & Girls Clubs.”

Bray, thank you for all your hard work and believing in our kids of the BGCCM!

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Capitol Cool!

Under the watchful eye of Red Cross-certified lifeguard Charleston Joiner, BGCCM Capitol Unit Club members have fun in the sun as they stay cool in the pool!

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Job Shadowing at Capitol

Boys & Girls Club Capitol Unit member Ron, 12, a student in the Northwest Middle School International Baccalaureate Program, job shadows Capitol Unit Director Sharon Brown. “I go to a specific job that I want to invest in a career in and I help in that job,” explains Ron. “I ask questions about how that job is incorporated. What I’m doing is helping the unit director and asking her questions about how to do things and why she’s doing things.”

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BE GREAT: Graduate Award Banquet

The BGCCM Capitol Unit BE GREAT: Graduate Award Banquet was outstanding Wednesday evening! We had graduates dressed in their finest, ready to accept diplomas. The air was filled with electricity and a sense of anticipation.

BE GREAT: Graduate is a Boys & Girls Clubs of America mentoring program designed enhance Club members’ engagement with learning by providing the skills needed to achieve academic success.

The program, hosted and partially funded by the Capitol Unit Torch Club, opened with a welcome by Capitol Unit Vice President and Torch Club member Kaleb, 11, followed by a blessing by Torch Club member Mercedes, 11. After an inspirational speech by Kaleb about the importance of graduation, we were treated to an a cappella musical selection by Club member, six-year-old Catia. Everyone then enjoyed a lovely meal before the big moment.

One by one, our BE GREAT: Graduate participants were called up by Capitol Unit President and Torch Club member Talia, 11, to accept their diplomas for the 2013 year. Unit Director Sharon Brown stood by Talia’s side to give each graduate a hug. A handshake would not do! We’re so proud of each and every one of our BE GREAT: Graduates! We’re looking forward next year!

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Award-Winning Club Members

Our kids at the Capitol Unit racked up an outstanding amount of year-end academic honors and awards from their schools. We know you’re brilliant! Keep up the great work BGCCM Club members!!!
Year End Honors

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Capitol Unit Mother & Daughter Pageant

The first annual Capitol Unit Mother & Daughter Pageant was a huge success! Club member Joycelyn, 7, and her mother Vaneque took top prize during the pageant. Our young men, dressed in white shirts and ties, escorted the ladies of the audience to their seats before the show. Mothers and daughters modeled lovely outfits in the highest fashion. Refreshments were served following the event. The Club spirit filled the air throughout the evening!

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Something’s Cooking at the Capitol Unit

King Edward Chef Nick Wallace teaches Healthy Lifestyles, a core area of BGCCM youth development –

A group of teens sit talking amongst themselves after finishing an afternoon snack at BGCCM Capitol Unit. King Edward Hotel Chef Nick Wallace enters in a pristine white chef’s coat and black pinstripe apron. All eyes follow him as he crosses the floor to an empty table. He begins setting up for a cooking demonstration. Watching him unpack containers of fresh ingredients, the teens’ interest increases with each item placed on the table. Chef Nick, the executive chef of the Southern Culinary Collection for Hilton Hotels, soon begins to heat pans and encourages the kids to come up to the table.

Chef Nick, at the BGCCM for a Healthy Lifestyles cooking demonstration, talks with the kids about the ingredients: homemade, wheat flour cavaletti pasta, diced tomatoes, freshly picked cilantro, pablano and serrano peppers, rotisserie chicken…Then the cooking begins. Soon a heavenly aroma wafts through the air, enveloping the group – making mouths water. Explaining each step during the demonstration, the chef encourages the teens to go home and try to make the pasta dish themselves.

Then the pièce de résistance – everyone gets a taste! Forks enter waiting mouths, eyes close in satisfaction and smiles creep onto faces revealing nothing but culinary bliss.

Some wait in anticipation for a chance at second helpings. Chef Nick enlists E’Darrin, 15, to try his hand at cooking. Seconds are on the way!

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From Frightening to Fun

Storm clouds move into the Jackson metro area Monday evening as the wind begins to blow and the sky turns green. Even before golf ball-sized hail starts to beat down on the roof of the Boys & Girls Club, Capitol Unit, the children of at the Club are moved to a safe area and instructed to get into position. Soon, all are crouched down against the walls, covering their heads with their hands.

Hail soon pounds the roof. Staff reassures and soothes the children, keeping the situation under control until the worst of the storm past. The weather calms and the kids are permitted to relax. Most staff stays with them. Some sit talking with younger members, still anxious. Jayda, 6, and Aukyli, 8, fold their small hands and bow their heads to pray. One staff member heads toward the door.

With the threat over, Program Instructor David Brown goes outside ignoring the rain as he scoops up as many balls of ice as possible before they melt. He’s going to take the mystery out of what was making that noise. After a short while, he approaches the children with a basket of hail and soon, their anxiety turns into curiosity and questions.

All the kids want to touch a hailstone; some want to keep a piece, but there’s not enough for each so it’s not possible. Mr. Brown answers questions as to how hail is formed and tells one young lady, Talia, 11, yes, you can carefully test it to see how hard it is. She soon finds out that’s it’s not something she can bite.

Mr. Brown with his basket of hail lifts spirits and a lesson is learned.

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