Every child that grows up in greater Jackson deserves the right to dream big.  For many of us, our optimism is the result of the opportunities afforded us by our environment – specifically having a sense of safety, belonging, and purpose.

As the largest facility-based youth development program in the state, Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Mississippi provides vetted programs and qualified mentors to our community’s youth. In 2015 alone, direct interaction in 20 nationally developed programs focused on Healthy Lifestyles, Character & Citizenship and Academic Success have impacted the well-being of over 2,000 children.  Annually we serve over 2,200 children who spend nearly 750,000 hours at our facilities taking part in our youth development programs. We operate four clubs in Central Mississippi and a camp facility near Hazlehurst, MS

The professionals and volunteers who bring “The Clubs” to life should not be called to carry this responsibility alone as the well-being of our community’s youth impacts every one of us, directly or indirectly.  Membership fees and grants simply do not cover the costs involved.  Instead, BGCCM must rely heavily on donations and funds raised at events like our annual Steak & Burger dinner and Blues by Starlight event.