Year of the Teen is a Movement-wide campaign to raise awareness, understanding and, most importantly, teen membership in 2016 and beyond. Year of the Teen is essential to propel our Movement forward for teens, building focus and energy to drive the teen agenda now and into the future.

Year of the Teen marks the launch of a three-year strategy designed to recruit and retain more teens. The teen strategy consists of four key priorities:

1. CAPACITY: Strengthen the teen experience at the Club.

2. PROGRAMS: Ensure our program offerings are relevant to teens.

3. PARTNERSHIPS: Increase access points for teens, making it easy for them to engage.

4. OUTREACH: Reach more teens, more often.


Why is 2016 Called Year of the Teen? 

Since 2007, our Movement has faced persistent declines, serving 178,000 fewer teens now than we did just eight years ago. Our call to action is to strengthen our Clubs and programs so that they are not only a safe haven for our teens, but also places in which:

• Teens want to engage;

• Club professionals and volunteers can help them successfully navigate their journey through high school; and

• The Club community can support them in making informed decisions about their lives after they leave the Club.

In 2016, we will activate Year of the Teen by releasing new teen-focused resources, learning opportunities and programs.